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Sitemap Camping In Europe – A Variety Of New Cultures Camping in Europe in a camper van conversion or any other form of transportation is a relaxing and affordable way to experience the old continent. Camping holidays in Europe are possible in more then Whether you decide to visit the landscapes of Norway, the Dutch windmills, the medieval German castles, the stunning Alps mountain range or the ever inviting Mediterranean coastline stretching from Turkey and all the way to Portugal This is a perfect place for camping, touring or just cruising around in a camper van. The easy going European lifestyle often feels familiar, yet it offers a variety of new cultures and experiences almost behind every corner. Finding Camping Sites The word Camping and the little tent sign usually above it, is the sign to look for on European road signs.

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Definition[ edit ] Camping in Ontario , circa Camping describes a range of activities and approaches to outdoor accommodation. Survivalist campers set off with as little as possible to get by, whereas recreational vehicle travelers arrive equipped with their own electricity, heat, and patio furniture. Camping may be combined with hiking , as in backpacking , and is often enjoyed in conjunction with other outdoor activities such as canoeing , climbing , fishing , and hunting.

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Detailed plans for making evaporative coolers. Intended for greenhouses, but may be adaptable to other situations. Small, DIY, portable, solar powered evaporative coolers This is a pretty slick homemade evaporative cooler. This one was made for camping, but it could be used in a variety of situations. It can be solar powered, so its also good for saving energy and for power outages.

Christin provides nice detailed instructions as well as links to other small and larger DIY evaporative coolers. Thanks to BeGreen at the Hearth. This is a pretty clever and simple cooler for cooling a small space like a homemade electric car that does not have AC. Total cost is a 12 volt DC can and a bucket — can’t get much simpler than that. Basically, the fan blows air over the ice or water frozen in pop bottles in the bucket. Tom’s home made evaporative cooler for his RV.

The system uses fans to blow outside air through a porous wet cooling pad. Evaporation of water in the cooling pad cools the air, dropping the temperature by as much as 25 F.

Full Hookup Campsites (Water, Electricity and Sewer)

I RV was kind enough to include one in the start-up kit they furnished. They cost a minimal amount, are a necessity and in our case was furnished by the dealer. Dog Bone Adapter lets you hook up to 15 amp outlets. Weatherproof jacket encloses 10 gauge, 3 wire cord for safe, free-flowing AC power. Molded plug and socket.

Learn expert boondocking tips and tricks to conserve water and power when camping without hookups. See how we use a cell phone signal booster to stay connected, use solar panels for battery charging, monitor wastewater tank levels and monitory battery capacity.

And frankly, they can be bewildering. Not only that, with prices ranging from tens of pounds to hundreds of pounds, you want to get your choice right. First of all, a quick summary of the types of cooler and fridge out there. Then, a list of the questions you need to ask yourself to draw up your shortlist. Finally, recommendations for couples, families and solo campers. And you can find reviews here. Passive coolboxes and bags These are insulated boxes or bags that you keep cool with ice-blocks or frozen drinks bottles.

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Find glamping and camping sites with Cool Camping To us, camping is all about finding those extra-special places to camp. Our team has spent years searching the UK for the very best campsites and glamping sites in England, Scotland and Wales and throughout Europe too. Between this website and our guidebook series , you can discover our most-loved campsites.

Oct 07,  · Camping – electric hook up «on: , 09/07/10» For softie campers such as myself can someone tell me whether I need a different electric hook up lead for camping in Europe, or is it the same as the uk ones.

This will be a nominal V, single phase, 50Hz supply, which is compatible with UK and modern European caravans, motorhomes, trailer tents, folding campers and tent hook-up connections. This electrical supply can be used either directly to power V equipment or indirectly via a power supply unit that converts the mains power at V AC to a nominal 12V DC, usually in conjunction with a leisure battery. This Data Sheet looks at how to use this electricity supply safely and discusses its limitations. Because your unit is mobile there is a greater likelihood of things going wrong with an electrical installation than with the fixed installation within your house.

It is therefore important you make sure your cables and equipment are maintained in good condition by simple checks every time you use it, by regular inspections by a qualified technician and also by using it in a sensible way. Campsite owners and management team in the case of the Club, the Club and its Holiday Site Managers are responsible for the safety of the electrical supply equipment up to the socket outlet on the site bollard where you connect your hook-up cable.

Supply bollard A typical supply bollard A pitch with electrical hook-up will have an electrical supply bollard within about 20 metres. Each Club hook-up bollard is individually protected against overload by a miniature circuit breaker MCB and a residual current device RCD. The MCB is a device to protect the site cabling from overloading and limits the amount of current you can draw from the supply.

A Beginners Guide to Wild Camping in your Motorhome

Outer Hebrides Western Isles Luskentyre and the hills of North Harris Harris is a beautiful island of contrasts with spectacular scenery and a unique unspoilt atmosphere. In the west are vast expanses of white sand whilst the north and east are rugged, rocky places which make you think you have reached the moon. There are very few trees so look out for those in Tarbert, Borve, Horgabost and Luskentyre and make the most of them.

In the Bays area, the lunar landscape is indented with hundreds of little lochs and on a clear day you can see over to the Isle of Skye. Here in the Western Isles also known as the Outer Hebrides the landscape and history of Harris, together with the hospitality of its people provide a wonderful escape from the pressures of modern life.

International Maisons-Laffitte, “This is a great place from which to explore Paris, Disneyland and further afield. It is only a 10 minute walk into a lovely little town, and there is a bus and train station so there is no need to use the car.” The Johnson Family Book this campsite.

Located between Poitiers and Limoges, Villedon is around a 6. At a distance of around miles km this is a venue for the serious carp angler, one who can appreciate the work involved in catching big carp and who are not afraid to fish larger waters. Although Villedon has a high stock level this is a large lake. The lake is stunning with around acres of water stretching for over 1. There are over 1, carp with an average weight of 33lb and there are plenty of 60s and 70s to fish for — with the fish growing each year!

At the opposite end to the river is a large dam behind which you will find all the facilities that the venue has to offer. The lakebed is fairly flat and comprises mainly sand with gravel patches and a covering of silt. There are no notable snags and little weed growth. Depths varies from m at the river end to around m at the dam end although some of the bays are only 80cm deep, ideal for stalking.

A maximum of 30 anglers can fish each week from 18 swims, several of which are doubles and there are even some large enough for 3 anglers. There are no crayfish, but there is chat on the lake. Please consider this when selecting your type of bait.


Helpful 8 Tips for Camping without Electricity Helpful 8 Tips for Camping without Electricity Tweet on Twitter Good tips for camping outdoors can make a lot of difference to your trip as they will not only make the trip more enjoyable but you will be prepared for the adversities as well. Especially, if you are opting to camp without electricity or outdoor hookups make sure you are well prepared for the same. This type of camping can be fun, challenging and adventurous and finding alternate power sources should be the first priority while camping.

Below given are some of the tips that will surely prove to be helpful while camping without electricity.

Camping Village Resort & Spa le Vieux Port is a well established destination appealing particularly to families; this lively site has approximately pitches (87 for touring) of .

Denny Johnson Damaging campground electrical problems are way too common! Believe it or not, the photo above was our actual “power pole” at a campground near West Yellowstone. It is certainly the most questionable power source we’ve ever run into at a campground. We have, however, found better-looking power poles that had problems. There are two main electrical problems to be aware of at campgrounds: Bad wiring of the power pole at the campsite Power surges that occur during a nearby lightning strike Bad wiring at the campsite We’re all in a hurry to get things set up when we pull into a new spot.

While it’s tempting to just plug in your electrical hookup when camping, you can easily destroy electrical components if the power source is bad. With a 30 amp circuit what’s common with most small travel trailers , the main problems that can exist with the electrical source are: No power The neutral line is open The polarity is reversed In addition to these potential electrical problems, the 50 amp circuits used with larger trailers and RVs have the additional concern of no voltage on line 1 or line 2 Any of these problems can cause damage to your RV’s electrical system or electronic components you may use.

Some of the problems could be dangerous and present a shock hazard. In all cases, it’s best to test the power and find out if you have a problem before you plug in your electrical hookup! Power Surges Once you know everything is okay and you’re connected, you also need to be prepared for electrical surges.

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