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Okay so it’s about to be my birthday, but I’m declaring an end to all official days of celebration. It was nice while it lasted, but it had to go. In our culture of overconsumption we have everything we need – and then some, so Christmas gifts are out. Down here in Australia for Christmas we have fake snow, fake icicles, everything to make it look like winter, in the middle of summer. There will be Glacier Saving CO2 emission reductions from the end of travel to myriad destinations where we are expected but mostly don’t want to be on Christmas Day. Waistlines will be sharpened with the end of gluttonous overeating celebrating the birth of someone most of us don’t believe existed. We can forget being more ‘straight’ or polite for those relatives who are not so tolerant, or of whom we are less tolerant; and annual family Christmas arguments will become myth. Peace and quiet will fill the land! Pack your bags Easter Bunny. Who eats boatloads of chocolate to celebrate the death of someone?

Sydneys Northern Beaches – Scan

It’s a very hidden beach lying just below the north face of Yaquina Head, really only accessible from a long walk from Moolack Beach, perhaps about a mile. Meanwhile, at your feet are a host of starfish colonies and other tide pool beasties that will delight you for hours. The cliffs here have strange and abrupt diagonal lines in them, giving the impression some massive geologic cataclysm occurred here.

It could well have. There is a fascinating document written in as a visitors guide to geology of the area that explains much about this engaging spot.

Peninsula Medical Imaging is located in the RSL ANZAC Village (The War Vets) at Collaroy Plateau on Sydney’s northern beaches. Peter has over 25years experience in x .

Larger text size Very large text size The thought of being investigated for prostate cancer terrified Paul Davies. About a year ago, Mr Davies was told to see a urologist about a high PSA prostate-specific antigen blood test. Having watched a friend go through a prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment, he knew it could involve painful biopsies that carry an infection risk, and surgery that might lead to incontinence and sexual dysfunction. Paul Davies was relieved when an MRI showed his enlarged prostate could be treated with medication.

Simon Schluter The Melbourne business owner also knew that there was a history of men being “overdiagnosed” with cancers that were so slow growing they were never going to cause harm. You want to get the best test done but you don’t want to do things that are unnecessary,” he said. About 22, Australian men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year.

Advertisement Mr Davies, 68, was in luck. When he saw his urologist, Associate Professor Jeremy Grummet, the doctor had started using MRI scans to see if it could help some men avoid a biopsy. He was also using MRI scans to highlight suspicious areas so he could better target a biopsy if required.

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We study petrography and geochemistry of shallow marine concretions in the Adriatic. Abstract A peculiar type of marine rocky outcrops is generated under temperate conditions through the cementation of carbonate and siliciclastic sediments on the northwestern Adriatic shelf. These buildups have been often described as beachrock. More recently, an alternative genetic mechanism, implying precipitation of carbonate cements in the marine phreatic zone, has been hypothesized for the rocky outcrops off the coast of Chioggia south of Venice.

These rocky outcrops are settled along the levee of meandering channels inherited from Pleistocene fluvial systems. Petrographic analyses of the Chioggia rocky outcrops allowed distinguishing three 3 main lithofacies:

Ponce, Puerto Rico’s most populated city outside the San Juan metropolitan area, Dating back to , Ponce’s Carnival is the oldest in Puerto Rico, La Guancha Beach at La Guancha, one of five salt-water beaches in Ponce.

A thin metallic wire is lodged in a woman’s intestines. BMJ Case Reports Doctors at a hospital in Perth were bewildered when a year-old woman showed up with intense stomach pains. Her heart rate was faster than normal, and the membrane lining her abdominal wall was inflamed. But her vital signs, laboratory tests, ultrasound and a scan of her liver, gall bladder and bile ducts were all normal. The woman had not had surgery recently, which eliminated the possibility that a surgeon accidentally left a foreign object inside her.

But a CT scan revealed that a thin, metallic wire was lodged in her intestines. That object, a little more than six centimetres long, was a dental brace wire that the woman used to wear, her doctors said. Advertisement It caused her intestine “to twist around on itself – a condition known as volvulus”, according to a news release from BMJ Case Reports. The woman told doctors that she wore braces 10 years ago and had removed them since. You will now receive updates from Breaking News Alert Breaking News Alert Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox.

By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. They usually realise it shortly after. In the woman’s case, she didn’t experience any pain until recently.

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Ponce massacre On 21 March , a peaceful march was organized by the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party to celebrate the 64th anniversary of the abolition of slavery and protest the incarceration of their leader, Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos , in a federal prison on charges of sedition. The members concluded in their report that the event was a massacre , with the police acting as a mob.

They harshly criticized Winship’s actions as governor and said he had numerous abuses of civil rights.

Feb 12,  · Found this news of interest and wanted to share about the UFO sightings at Stonefield Beach and their finding these really strange boxes up and down the coast.

The Mediterranean Sea is the host for all of those beaches. Tel Aviv beaches stretching along the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Or better yet – play it yourself with a friend or some random person most Israelis are always up for a game of Matkot. Alongside all the beaches is the long promenade tayelet in Hebrew that features plenty of restaurants and beach bars.

Here is the list of beaches from north to south accompanied by a short description, which should help you choose the beach that best fits you: Hatzuk and Tel Baruch Beaches These two beaches are at the north end of the city. As far as I know these are the only two beaches that charge a small entry fee.

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Home to the remains of an 18th century fishing settlement and the ruins of a battle-ravaged stone fortress, Canso Islands National Historic Site welcomes curious explorers upon its windswept shores to journey through the history that forged a nation. As you hug the world-famous Cabot Trail coastline you’ll wind through Cape Breton Highlands National Park, where lush, forested river canyons carve into the ancient plateau, edged by rust-coloured cliffs. Keep your eyes open for moose and bald eagles.

You might even catch a minke or pilot whale breaking waves in the Atlantic, or Gulf of St.

Westmoreland Jamaica is on the western tip of the island; very attractive on the coastal lowlands and unspoilt on the higher grounds. Savanna-la-mar is the capital, and Negril its main tourist resort with beautiful aqua marine Jamaican shores and pristine soft white sand beaches is .

The rocks are now roosts for cormorants and oystercatchers, among other shorebirds. Northern River Otter River otters Lotra canadensis are a semi-aquatic, carnivorous member of the weasel family. Though they may look cute and cuddly, these charismatic mammals are bigger than you may think. They can weigh between 10 and 30 pounds and measure up to 4 feet long.

River otters are curious by nature and will sometimes approach people. Although this may seem charming, for your safety please keep a safe distance. Wild animals can be unpredictable, and river otters have been known to attack people. Report any encounters or attacks to Park Dispatch at

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Features Vulture Conservation in South Africa As southern Africa’s only endemic vulture species, the Cape vulture population has been reduced to an estimated 2, breeding pairs across its range. Listed as ‘Endangered’ by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature IUCN , breeding pairs of Cape vultures are no longer found in Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Namibia, and conservationists in South Africa are working hard at trying to prevent these magnificent birds from becoming extinct altogether.

The biggest threat to vultures is humans, as the birds collide with power lines and wind-turbines, are poisoned – either accidently through veterinary medicines present in the carcasses they feed on, or deliberately as some landowners see them as a nuisance — and suffer from food shortages as humans encroach on once uninhabited land and land predators are displaced. Cape vultures live together in large colonies, favouring layered sandstone and quartzite rock ledges as nesting spots and tell-tale fecal white-washed cliff sides make it easy to identify where Cape vultures are nesting.

As their name would suggest, Cape vultures were once a common sight in the Western Cape , with colonies nesting on the cliff-sides of Cape Town’s Table Mountain , but as their numbers have dwindled, they have moved to the hilly terrain in the east of the country. Although they are scavengers and will eat rotting meat if they need to, vultures prefer their food fresh and as soon as a carcass is spotted will descend rapidly to start feasting, generally getting to the carcass before ground scavengers can.

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Those words were repeated over and over again — a recent trip to the Queensland Gold Coast beaches proved this just after some stormy weather. After a quick inspection of the damage done by the rough seas I found that the sand dunes had been undercut at a point where literally thousands of people had previously been. Returning to the car to collect my metal detector, I went back to the spot and adjusted it to the ground conditions, as there was a fair bit of black sand deposited on the beach.

Within 15 seconds, I had found my first coin, and then another and another — the detector just went crazy! An amazing thing happened — there was no junk to be found. Every signal was either a coin or a valuable jewellery item all of them giving a short, loud and positive response. It was realized that the force of the waves pulled all the lighter junk items such as aluminium pull tabs from this part of the beach into the ocean leaving all the coins within eight feet of the sand bank.

The area close to the water was checked, but the results were negative in this instance. After ten minutes of detecting, the first jewellery item was found – a gold zodiac pendant. I will recover these later at a time when more sand is washed away. On many occasions I found coins up to 20 inches deep plus — I know that because my whole arm was in the hole!

In just over 2 hours I had only detected an area of approximately 12 feet x 8 feet. With the tide starting to change, I continued to detect along the bank and after about another 4 hours, I called it a day. In total I had found just over coins including a few foreign ones.

A woman had stomach pains. Doctors found it was something she swallowed – a decade ago

Do some cliff jumping or snorkelling below or just relax and enjoy the view. The bar staff are friendly and the food is pretty good too. Xtabi Restaurant Negril Whether you are planning a beach vacation, a family adventure or a romantic getaway, Negril is known for its smaller vacation properties giving flexibility to budget based Jamaica vacations. If you choose an all inclusive resort on the 7 mile stretch of Negril; venture out to west end Negril and enjoy the exquisite sunset.

View from Xtabi Restaurant Negril Off the beaten track If you are looking for a change from the beach and feeling a little adventurous, seek out Blue Hole Negril…a little off the beaten track but a great surprise.

WHAT IS A HYCOSY PROCEDURE? Hysterosalpingo-contrast-sonography (usually shortened to HyCoSy) is a simple and well-tolerated outpatient ultrasound procedure used to assess the patency of the fallopian tubes, as well as detect abnormalities of the uterus and endometrium.

Relentlessly battered by fierce Atlantic winds, the islands can seem a hostile environment and an unappealing proposition, particularly if you happen to be stuck there on a wet Sunday without your own means of transport. Much of the interior is bleak peat bog, rocks and endless tiny lochs, and the long, straggling crofting communities only add to the feeling of desolation.

But there are also miles of superb beaches, wild mountain scenery, numerous archaeological treasures and long hours of summer daylight in which to appreciate it all. Despite the frequency of transport connections with the mainland, the Outer Hebrides remain remote in every sense. Unlike Skye and the Inner Hebrides, tourism is of far less importance to the local economy. In many ways, the islands are the last bastion of the old Highland life. Though newer industries such as fish farming have been introduced, the traditional occupations of crofting, fishing and weaving still dominate, and outside Stornoway on Lewis the only decent-sized town in the islands life is very much a traditional one, revolving around the seasons and the tides.

Almost every islander has more than one occupation, so don’t be surprised if the landlady of your guesthouse also weaves Harris Tweed, or if her husband drives the Postbus as well as doing a bit of fishing on the side. This creates a network of relationships where everyone knows everyone else. The Inner Hebrides comprise the great swathe of islands lying off the western coast of Scotland – east of the Outer Hebrides, south of Skye and west of the Kintyre peninsula.

Each is very different in appearance and atmosphere and each has its own distinct appeal. The most accessible of the islands is Mull, a short ferry ride from Oban.

UFO sightings at Stonefield Beach reveal strange boxes up and down coast

Hotel check-in available from 3: If you arrive before your room is ready, you may store your luggage at the hotel until check-in is available. All routes and excursions are subject to change — weather sea conditions may affect the itinerary. Sea conditions affect the progress of the ship, making it run late and sometimes miss ports because it is not safe to dock.

Because of this, the cruise itinerary should always be regarded as provisional. The operators reserve the right to change the content of excursions without prior notice.

The beaches and islands of Eastern Thailand, such as Ko Chang, Ko Samet and Pattaya, can easily be reached from Cambodia. You can go through Ko Kong. You can go through Ko Kong. Be careful on the road on Trat though which is quite long and vans can drive like lunatics.

Choose the proper gold pan for you Use a gold pan that is a good size for you. I think the newer plastic pans are superior to the old metal pans. They also come in various colors which helps you spot the gold in the bottom of your pan. You can also get a good quality gold panning kit that also include classifiers, snuffer bottle, and other handy tools for gold recovery.

Use snuffer bottle and magnet You will probably find lots of black sands when you are panning and sluicing for gold. Some of these black sands are magnetic, and you can remove them with a strong magnet. There are specialized magnets for this task that work quite well and are reasonably priced. These are a handy tool for removing black sands from your gold pan. Every prospector should have a snuffer bottle.

They only cost a couple bucks and they work great. Be aware that sometimes collecting black sands with a magnet will also pick up a bit of gold.

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